If you had the opportunity to partner with GUCCI or LOUIS VUITTON when they were a 10+ year old company, can you imagine where you would be today?

Opulence Global represents the ground floor opportunity every entrepreneur seeks with brand new, award winning products, industry leading compensation plan, a culture of support and success and professional training that eliminates all the risks that accompanies every upstart company.

Opulence Global is the only innovative company that designs and manufactures all the products that matters to your life for optimum health, optimum beauty and optimum lifestyle. What completely separates Opulence Global opportunity from the rest, is our award winning, world-renowned designer fashion house FERI where you will have exclusive access to the world's finest fashion and accessories at the preferred shop pricing. Opulence Global online shop will completely eliminate the need of going mall to mall for any of your shopping and gifting needs.

Here are 6 reasons why you should take a look at the video below.

  • You can make RETAIL PROFIT from any sales generated off your website
  • You can make WHOLESALE PROFIT from any new personal Virtual Mall launches
  • You can make RESIDUAL INCOME from new shop launches and sales from the monthly buy/sales from your entire organization
  • You can write off expenses and enjoy annual tax returns ranging from $3000 - $9000
  • This opportunity allows an average person to amass significant wealth

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Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health. It is for everyone seeking a higher quality and concentration of antioxidants in their diet. Too often we forget that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Beauty starts from the inside. It begins with the right diet, the right exercise, and now the right supplement. Check out the video below to learn about our Fountain of Life product.


We ensured that we incorporated ingredients that support our skin to help us cleanse bacteria while lowering the free radicals that cause skin aging issues. Developed and manufactured in Canada, FERI Flawless represents a new direction in skincare, protecting our skin while helping us achieve the healthy glow of youth. We created a product without compromises. A product that delivers on its promises. We ensured that FERI Flawless meets our standards of excellence. Finally, a spa quality product for all skin types, ages and genders that delivers on its promises!

Recognized as Hollywood Celebrity Designer Line & Endorsed by 200+ Celebrities

Carmen Electra - One of the 120+ Celebrities endorsing FERI Designer Lines Carmen Electra showcasing The Crystal Lights Necklace from FERI Designer Lines

CARMEN ELECTRA showcasing the Crystal Lights Necklace from FERI Designer Lines



Rene Liaw - GWT Testimonial

Rene Liaw was born and raised in Scarbrough, Ontario, Canada and now lives in Taipei, Taiwan. Rene graduated with honours from the University of Toronto with a bachelor science specialist degree in software engineering. Upon graduation, Rene spent the next 5 years working for Telus peaking his career as a senior programmer. Rene's sister,Monica, recommended a book to him "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kyosaki which forever changed his perspective on making money. It was also Rene's sister who recommended a business opportunity with Opulence Global (previously known as Global Wealth Trade (GWT)) that completely changed his life. Starting at the age of 27, Rene was able to reach $5,000 per month income in his first month. By his sixth month Rene was generating $10,000 per month and $20,000 per month in his tenth month with Opulence Global! Fourteen months later, Rene had left his senior programming job from TELUS and has been full time with Opulence Global ever since. 4 years later, Rene surpassed 1 million dollars in earnings and was featured in, also Rene was nominated as one of MLM's Top Mentors. Rene went from driving his parents Corolla to owning his own Accord Coupe then purchasing a New Lexus! Also Rene is recognized within Opulence Global for being 2011 Asia's Top Income Earner, 2010 Top Shareholder Award, 2009 Leadership Award & #2 Income Earner, 2008 Top Organization, 2008 Top Income Earner and 2007's President’s Cup Winner!